Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the MCRivals network

Factions: Allegiance

Q: How do I make money?
- Fishing at the lake underneath spawn.
- Killing bats in the center of DarkZone.
- Farming SugarCane with a Harvester Hoe.
- Capturing KoTHs located in the dark zone.
- Selling loot that mobs drop from spawners.
- Raiding the RaidingOutpost located at /warp raidingoutpost

Q: How do I make or join a faction?
You can create a faction by typing /f create {name}
You can join a faction by typing /f join {name}


Q: How do I create a ticket
You can create a ticket by reacting to an emoji corresponding with a ticket type in the #ticket-create channel in our discord: Discord

Contact Us

Q: How do I contact MCRivals for in-game support or other inquiries?
For in-game support, refer to our discord tickets for help. If you have other inquiries, email us at [email protected]