Changelog - Allegiance Map 33


MCRivals proudly presents Allegiance Map 33... with some incredible news!

Map Details

Map Inforation:
2 days Grace + 4 days TNT (6 days total)
8 Man Factions, Unlimited Roster
2 Second Cannoning, 3 Second Countering
18 Chunk Buffers
18 Hour Shields

Fishing, Cane, Bats & Raiding Outpost Economy


1) Ranks

Your rank will be automatically transferred into the return to our old system, and no permissions will be lost. If you run into any issues, make a support ticket in our discord.

Default >> Civilian
Premium >> Knight
NEW RANK >> Noble
Supreme >> Rival

2) Raidable Faction Cores

Same as before, your faction now sets their base region by placing their /f core block. Raid it to steal enemy's tnt, and enter its menu to activate temporary defense bonuses.


3) Fishing

Fishing has returned as an economy option! You can get a fishing rod from your civilian kit. Fishing is only allowed in the spawn lake (pvp area in warzone).


4) Water Pearls

They were requested, and now added! All ender pearls function in water exactly the same as they do in dry air. Watch this clip to see.

5) Raiding Scoreboards

A Quality-of-Life improvement! Track your raid more easily with the addition of raid scoreboards.


6) Faction Shops & Sandbots

Say welcome back to these beloved features as well! Returning with the rest, /f sandbot and /f shop function the same way they did before they left.


7) Economy

We made changes by severly nerfing spawner output from an average ROI of 20 hours to 52 hours per spawner (give or take 8 hours depending on the spawner quality).

Furthermore, spawners are less prominent from all crates. Silverfish in particular are rarer than before.

Finally, the economy itself is slower-paced. While we cannot feasibly test the economy to the extent that it will be strained during a map, we believe the values are strong and will work excellently.

8) Recent Changes

Recent maps saw changes to lootboxes, crates, and some events. None of these changes were removed.

9) Chat Games

Continuing with the topic of events, mini chat-games will now run on the server very often. Hopefully they will be pleasant addition, but if they prove problematic we will remove them.unnamed--6-

10) Leader Roster

Tired of waiting for staff to rotate your faction leader? Yeah, we're a bit tired of doing it too. Thus we present the return of /f leaderroster!!


11) Map Points

Our Map Points (the orange "7") are back! If you believe there is an error in your number of map points, contact an admin+ with a ticket in our discord.

Three, two, and one map point for placing number 1, 2, and 3 on the /f top leaderboards (numbers match respectively).


12) Last Man Standing (LMS) Event

We added an LMS event to the server! Compete in it for rewards.


13) Raiding Outpost

Raiding outpost is back! Using our old plugin, raiding outpost will be accessible via the command /warp raidingoutpost when it is enabled.

Rewards are progressive, and average out to slightly more value than other economy types.


14) Charged Creeper Spawners

They're back! Worth more than 10x the value of a regular creeper spawner, meaning they drop more than 10x the tnt!


Bug Fixes...

Many miscellaneous bug fixes were made.